Ptarmigan Hunting

Upland game hunting in Ptarmigan hunts northern Quebec is one of the most unique bird hunting opportunities available to shotgun hunters today.

We are offering Ptarmigan hunts over your dog during late September and early October. This is when the birds are starting to form fairly large covies. You will be out, two hunters per guide and one dog per two hunters will be included in the cost of the hunt. Additional dogs can be brought for the minimal charge of the air from Montreal to Kuujjuaq and return.

Ptarmigan - The birds will be almost pure white at this time of year and offer excellent sport as well great fare for the table. You can take 15 birds each per day and have 30 in possession with a valid game permit.

Catch & Release fishing is also available for huge Lake Trout during this same time frame.

We can also offer this same package during March from the village of Kuujjuaq instead of from our base camp on Lake Dufreboy. This would be done by using snowmobiles.

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It was definitely a hunt of a lifetime.

I went with my dad and he and I knew that the challenge was going to be difficult with the longbow, but he supported me all the time. It was a ch Read more...